Services & support : breathe, we take care of our customers, specially in deep water.


Deciding to create and manage website is a real challenge.
Of course, our customers can be independant with all the web project we create. However, we think this is important to stay closed, to help during the whole website life, to support the needs and the objective.

That's why we have decided to establish an internal tracking system open free, easy to use, without any undertaking...

We propose : server maintenance webmastering manage content


Tracking and support website, server administration and backup

Dog from Atlantis, In deeper water

To have a very smooth communication and well manage budget, we establish private admin webspace. All our customers could trigger a tracking ticket instantly and go for emergency or only for simple support.

In this case, ONLY every performed support are booked and the budget is well managed.

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take care of and website tracking

Server administration, website backup, monitoring and others computing shark-geek-world.


Server administration and maintenance are the warranty to keep your website safe and online, work in good condition with high availability.

We have also updating platform support with our internal monitoring system ;) Of course, we manage both security and tuning.

See also backup solution


There is a vast number of backup solutions and depend of your needs, your hosting or your platform. Studio du Net has got his own internal backup system which can be deployed for different hosting and backup algorithm : full, snapshot, hot site hosting, cloud, one shot...

Of course, Studio du Net has got a data-computing insurance taken with the european leader company.

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server administration, website backup

Website tracking and support : breathe in the decompression stop, let us manage your website content.

Manage content website and get it up to date need to work everytime, not be w(hal)ell for your day-to-day work, especially if you want to gain visitors and sell products.

We hear that very whale, we know that manage website is time-consuming and could get you off the business. That's why we could temporarily (holidays , new worker) ou yearly (bundle) manage website content.

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webmastering, website support, html css

Need new website content ? add rich biodiversity to your website content.


Website without any content is like an empty shell.

With internal team or international partners, we help you writong beautiful website content. Of course, that content would be well targeted and choose for search engine optimization.

We have also des digital media to add graphics and sounds.


Studio du Net had always done digital media on the past. Today we work a lot with professional photographers, but sometimes we take photo ourselves or realize podcast with our customers.

At last, there is a long time we code Action Script for Flash (bans, games, sql and GUI). That's why we create rich digital content like musical content to let our customers have the rights to use without any tax.

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new website content and digital media

A propos du Studio du Net

Le Studio du Net est une agence web située en Mayenne, dans les pays de la Loire. Spécialisée dans la création de site internet, la particularité et la force de notre agence sont la maitrise à la fois du code informatique et de l'administration de serveurs. Ainsi, chaque programme, chaque script, chaque projet s'inscrit dans processus qui s'adapte aux possibilités des machines afin d'optimiser la connexion et permettre des vitesses d'exécution remarquables.

Le Studio du Net propose aussi toute une gamme de services internet : développement d'applications Facebook, système de paiement bancaire sécurisé et certifié, totale maitrise des systèmes d'affiliation, prototypes de jeux HTML5 ou Flash, gestion de base de données, datasourcing CNET et Encodex, référencement internet naturel, optimisation SEO, médias et gestion de votre contenu.



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