Part 1/3

  • → have your own internet website and app ?
  • → be prepared for the dark side of technical constraints ?
  • keep your project online by help and support from us ?


Creation of your customised website

Does your company have a card to play on the Internet? Even better, you have found the idea of the century that will make you a key player on the web!

So your main objective is to stand out. And also to set up an infrastructure that is functional on all types of devices, accessible to your customers, adapted to your market, designed for search engine referencing, intuitive to administer, fully in line with the marketing plan, and if possible without ever breaking down.

Making eyes at you will not be enough.

What ?
Responsive web desgin with our french web agency

Facing the dark side
technical constraints

You don't like flashing things?
You are lucky, we manage both the IT development to create your internet project and also the configuration of the servers that will host it. This is also why we get along well with digital agencies.

A badly scripted script, a well-bugged bug, a badly encapsulated algorithm, could make the project end up like the Death Star. But since we are on the side of good and we are rebels, it never happens.

Someone talked about internet web Sith ?
Impressive. Most impressive. I can create website design and operate as an administration server
Dark side total knowledge, both code and server administration

Monitoring your internet project
Surveys, analyses and developments

The real work begins when your internet project goes live.

Unearthing logs, analysing figures, checking stats, bouncing back from unforeseen events, adapting to needs, improving management, optimising your tunnels, developing tailor-made solutions, exporting your feeds, creating quality and effective content.

Propose and anticipate the marketing tools to elucidate your best deals.

And for that, it would be better to count
Tracking website : web and human-sized support
custom built website Wordpress web design Prestashop web design responsive web redesign affiliate system development Prestashop module development and Wordpress plugin development facebook app development payment gateway payment gateway reponsive tracking website

Part 2/3

  • → the architect
  • → the pilot
  • → the captain


1/ Know-how :

First and foremost, we have technological skills for web design and web development, intranet and extranet. From writing specifications to upload and get online your web project, make the good choice and determining architecture for web solutions and technologies, we do our best to create your web projects with the best budget.

we create and design responsive website

2/ Our skills : redesign

You want to develop or redesign your website ? Add payment gateway ? Increase visitors with socials apps ? Import content feed ? Gain the loyalty of your customers with a rich content ? Increase visibiliy with search engine optimization ? Or you are a creative digital agency looking for a provider or partner with high skills ?

Studio du Net take action during difficult steps as a real partner in a transparent way, and give you solutions for your website or customer's website.

skill pilot, web project, web design an web development expert

3/ Our support and website tracking

Support, backup, server tuning and optimization, training, redesing content or manage server, nous provide tracking system suitable for our customers, our partners and creative digital agencies.

So, we are a real partner for life, because our customers manage themselves their budget for support or tracking their website.

we track and support your website with the amazing captain Stubing

Part 3/3

  • → Lord of the sites
  • → Where are we ?
  • → Contact us



glisser pour voir
Seigneur en création de site internet qui ne mordor pas...

We are located

Our launching base / web agency is located in Mayenne, France, a country between Angers, Laval, Rennes and Le Mans, near Paris (250km) and need 33 milliseconds to reach the first US server in Pennsylvanie :)

A propos du Studio du Net

Le Studio du Net est une agence web située en Mayenne, dans les pays de la Loire. Spécialisée dans la création de site internet, la particularité et la force de notre agence sont la maitrise à la fois du code informatique et de l'administration de serveurs. Ainsi, chaque programme, chaque script, chaque projet s'inscrit dans processus qui s'adapte aux possibilités des machines afin d'optimiser la connexion et permettre des vitesses d'exécution remarquables.

Le Studio du Net propose aussi toute une gamme de services internet : développement d'applications Facebook, système de paiement bancaire sécurisé et certifié, totale maitrise des systèmes d'affiliation, prototypes de jeux HTML5 ou Flash, gestion de base de données, datasourcing CNET et Encodex, référencement internet naturel, optimisation SEO, médias et gestion de votre contenu.



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